It was the End…

Welcome to What’s Left.



People still tell stories about how it was before. You’ve heard them your whole life. The world of Marvels when buildings shot up into the heavens like daggers to the eyes of gods and water flowed and pooled onto the land like sand. That was a long time ago. Now Humanity survives in smalls Bands roaming the Wastes but stick to the Roads because terrible things lurk in the Silent World beyond.

The Necros, Cannibals and returned dead, lurk the misty Deadlands for their next meal. Deep in the Technobubble called the City lurks the last Ubermind. Its drones regularly enter Human settlements and take children for unknown purposes. Worst of all the sickness lurks in the ground nipping at your feet and waiting to take you if nothing else does.

Good Luck

The Holy Empire of Nev and its Queen, Helena the First.

Welcome to The Everafter